MatchBalloons is our second published game. It is also available on 3 platforms like YellowSidd. These platforms that Android, Chrome Web Store, and Facebook. You can play wherever you want, the differences are very small.

MatchBalloons will provide you exciting feeling while trying to access another level and the time is always the same. Your biggest enemy will be remaining time, which is always the same. But points to access next level are increasing. All this functionality is delivered to test behavior of players. Then improve our games in coming future. Soon we will release another multiplatform games, extending our offer to iOS and Windows Phone.

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The most important and also the only one way to go futher in MatchBalloons is to match at least 3 balloons in the same color. As more balloons will be in combination it will give more points. That game might provide you tons hours of fun and playing trying to gain more points.

MatchBalloons is our first game with implemented monetization. In that case small advertisements, just for tests in that area. In such case it will be no more updated. From beginning it had to be just implementation of sample ads. Soon we will deliver another games. Right now we are working on multiplatform in-app purchases and more expanded game. We would like to invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It might provide you fresh news about our projects. Still we are working on another platforms like iOS, Mac, Ubuntu and Windows Phone. We need more time to publish there too.

Before you play check the gallery below and see on the screenshots how it looks. Then just simply choose your platform and play it. Any comments are welcome and if you have any wishes about our next game application please don’t hesitate contact us. We will try to implement your ideas as possible.


MatchBalloons gallery



  • Always different scenario
  • Good sound effects
  • Infinite combinations
  • Social integrated


  • Not changed board
  • No iOS version
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