InfiniteHell is game which never ends. It is our third published game and instead of YellowSidd and MatchBalloons is available on 3 platforms. These platforms are Facebook, and Google PlayStore for now.

InfiniteHell will provide you hours of gaming with different enemies and different items hidden in chests. There are no levels to go next level. You need to jump over and over enemies gaining points from discovering items hidden in chests. We wanted to make gamers feeling like in hell, because of that all scenario is made for that.

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When playing InfiniteHell you will have to jump over enemies using touch screen in mobile devices or arrows playing on desktop. While playing on Facebook use arrow up to jump over enemies and arrow down to grab item from chest, but while playing on mobile you should swipe up to jump and swipe down to open the chest.

In both versions you will see advertisements. Depends on the version it will be in different events. On Facebook it is displayed continuously. While on Android you can see it only if you will click appropriate button, which will allow you to gain 1 extra live. This is new feature in our games Рwatch advertisements and collect the prize. Hope so you will like this kind of approach, because we want to implement it in next productions. It means more often you will can gain something extra for free.

Gamers should be very satisfied, because between YellowSidd and MatchBalloons we had a long break with release. Now between the second one and InfiniteHell the time was much shorter.

Before you will fall in love with InfiniteHell please take a look on gallery below, which will show you what kind of game is that and how it looks before playing that. Stay tuned and enjoy.


InfiniteHell gallery



  • Neverending
  • Different enemies
  • Different chests
  • Dynamics


  • Graphics
  • Poor scenario
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