CashNinja is game as InfiniteHell which never ends. It is our fourth published game. Instead of YellowSidd and MatchBalloons is not available on 3 platforms. These platforms are Facebook, and Google PlayStore for now.

CashNinja might provide you a lot of fun. From this game, never mind if you are on mobile or Facebook. You can invite your friends to play with them or share across different channels to show others what are you playing. Inside that game you can spend up to few days trying just to beat new records. As the game might never ends. That’s why we prepare for you extra possibilities. You can take take up to 5 hearts extra and many variations of swords to hit up to 6 times more than standard sword.

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Of course we understand that you are waiting for new platforms. Good news are that soon we will begin publishing on Apple AppStore, there are also plans to publish on Windows Phone in quite soon period of time, just please be a little bit patient.

There are very good news in distribution topic. Soon you will can see our games in Facebook Messenger as currently there are beta tests to make it another game platform. The same Messenger which you are using daily for communication. You will can access these games without installing anything.

There are also no technical issues to publish our games on new platforms. These are Ubuntu App Store, Apple App Store for Mac users and Telegram. For these platforms still you will have to wait some time before it will be done and you will can launch our games there. Please be patient and wait for our new games. Soon major update to YellowSidd will be released. Also we will move into new platforms such iOS, Windows Phone and mentioned Ubuntu App Store, Apple App Store for Mac and Telegram.

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  • Unexpected scenario
  • Different coins
  • Game based on reflex
  • Addicting gameplay


  • No multiplayer mode
  • No iOS
  • No Windows Phone
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