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You can contact us at our registered office, Irysowa 18, 55-220 Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland. Mail correspondence, please send to this address. Alternative contact is company business telephone +48 732 280 741 or e-mail contact@doyban.com.


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Limitations of Liability

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Excluding personal injuries or deaths resulting from our negligence would be unlawful, and therefore, we do not exclude and/or limit them.


We are a small mobile gaming studio developing simple yet fun games on multiple platforms. Our future-proof focus is Mini Games on popular apps and chats like Facebook Gaming, iMessage, Messenger, Paytm, Snapchat, Telegram, WeChat, or WhatsApp. We believe that blazing-fast 5G will accelerate the gaming industry's change and move towards Games without Installation through Open Web Standards, such as HTML5. The simple games and community build-around will give us a competitive advantage once the market is mature enough to develop serious games. Nowadays, in practice, we (almost) cannot make money out of these kinds of games.

Irysowa 18, 55-220 Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland

Tax ID: PL9121899240


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